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News of the Journée CRPS 2024

On June 6, Laval University welcomed more than 50 participants to the first edition of the Journée CRPS, an event dedicated to the transfer of knowledge and research projects results supported by the Greenhouse crop protection research chair MAPAQ - Premier Tech.

Participants began the day with three guest speakers who delivered high-quality presentations on current topics in the greenhouse industry. We warmly thank Geneviève Marchand of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Rose Buitenhuis of the Vineland Research and Innovation Center, and Martin Trépanier of Premier Tech for their contributions.

The afternoon was just as dynamic with five presentations of student research projects, offering an overview of the CRPS's research focus. We would like to highlight the excellence of the presentations by Joshua Molligan, Dhekra Maatallaoui, Amélie Quesnel and Anne-Sophie Brochu. You can read the details of each research project in the section 'Who are we?' on the present website.


Finally, Rémi Maglione concluded the day with an exciting talk on a new research project using spore sensor technology in greenhouses.

The great success of this first edition demonstrates the sustained commitment of actors in the greenhouse sector and underlines the importance to continue scientific research in this area.

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